Someone Is Selling The Sydney Monorail Online For $360 Billion

The futuristic Sydney Monorail took its final flight on the weekend, and now it’s scheduled to be pulled down. Thanks to this online ad, however, you can relive the glory days of the Monorail in your own backyard for the low, low price of $360 billion.

Someone has listed the Sydney Monorail on the classifieds site, Gumtree, for the paltry sum of $360 billion. Yes, it’s a fake, but that doesn’t stop it being hilarious.

The listing reads:

Designed by Leonardo Da Vinci and Optimus Prime, this futuristic fusion of bullet train and Autobot immediately surpassed Noah’s Ark as history’s most functional mode of transportation! If you want all the benefits of the Orient Express and Trans-Siberian, without the murders and communists, then this is the vehicle for you!

Always wondered what it was like for Neil Armstrong and Buzz what’s his name to fang through the cosmos at warp speed? Well wonder no more! If you’re the lucky new owner of this savage space serpent, you’ll experience that sensation every day!

Don’t believe me? Then lend your ears to these cold hard facts!

* Powered by one Chuck Norris roundhouse, it was the first rail-based vehicle to break the speed of sound!

* When Superman was a kid, he played with a model monorail set!

* After just one lap of the Large Hadron Collider, it proved the existence of the God particle!

* It crossed the English Channel; before the tunnel was built!

* Used in all NASA missions since Apollo 13; Houston haven’t had any more problems!

* Roller coasters are too scared to ride it!

* Light wonders how it travels so fast!

* Without the monorail, Darling Harbour will just be known as, “Harbour!”

The price is officially listed as “the [gross domestic product] of Switzerland”, which in 2012 was listed as $US362 billion. Seems legit? [Gumtree]

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