The Scary, Passenger’s Eye View From Inside The Crashed Boeing 737

The newest instalment in the saga of the Southwest 737 aeroplane that skidded to a fiery halt as its nose gear collapsed during landing gives us markedly different perspective than we’ve seen thus far. This time, personal footage has been released from one of the passengers onboard who just happened to be filming as things went awry.

The middle of the video consists mostly of shots of legs soundtracked by a lot of frantic screaming and shouting, but the beginning is pretty much guaranteed to make your heart clench as soon as that plane hits the ground — and it hits hard. Towards the end, things have calmed a bit, and you can even see fireman have already begun hosing down the plane from the windows.

The NTSB is in the process of investigating the collapsed gear, so it’s still up in the air as to what the exact cause was. And while no one was seriously injured, from the looks of the video, that is one experience we hope we never have to go through first-hand. [Hyper Vocal via Digg]

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