Remember When The Internet Filter Was A Thing? Well, It’s Back

Like a Zombie that just won’t go down, no matter how many headshots are sent its way, Internet filtering just refuses to die. The Coalition has announced a policy whereby a mandatory opt-out filter would be added to all Internet services in Australia.

ZDNet reports on the move, which is part of a $10 million online safety policy; you can read the entire document here.

“The Coalition will work with internet service providers (which provide fixed-line broadband services to the home) to develop online safety standards for those services, recognising that they are very often accessed by children. As has recently been achieved in the UK, we expect these standards will involve the major internet service providers providing home network filters for all new home broadband services, which will be switched on as the default unless the customer specifies otherwise.”

This is apparently a completely different filter to the Stephen Conroy backed filter… sorry, that’s their statement:

“This is a very different approach to the discredited compulsory filter proposal championed by the Rudd-Gillard government, which was abandoned as unworkable. The Coalition’s approach aims to empower parents — by giving them the choice of whether or not to operate a filter at home, [and] by establishing the default setting as one which provides maximum protection.”

The Coalition also figures it can legislate (and enforce) social media sites to take down objectionable material

“The Coalition will ensure there is an effective complaints system, backed by legislation, to
get harmful material down fast from large social media sites. Our approach responds to the very clear message received in our community consultations: when children are the subject of harmful material online, it is vital to have a way to get it down fast. Too often that is not available today.”

Update:The Coalition is now claiming that the original policy document was “poorly worded”


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