Breaking Bad Finale Sees Australians Beat The World At Piracy… Again

I’m now running out of creative new ways to re-write this headline because of how much Australia downloads content. That’s right, folks: the final episode of Breaking Bad set new piracy records, with Australia sitting at the top of the tree once again for most prolific pirates.

Aussies made up just under 20 per cent of those downloading the season final of Breaking Bad last night, meaning that more of us would rather watch the show illegally than screen it on Foxtel.

These numbers mean that more Australians downloaded Breaking Bad than those in the US, UK, Canada or India, despite our paltry population figures.

And where is the city from which the most pirates hail from? That would be Melbourne this time around. Melbourne alone represented 5.4 per cent of the people downloading the finale, followed by London at 3.3 per cent and Sydney at 3 per cent. Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide were all scattered throughout the top ten, too.

Did you download Breaking Bad? No spoilers!


Image: AMC

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