Telstra Launches Shared Data Plans

While other carriers have been signposting their intentions to do data sharing plans, Telstra seems to have been quietly tooling away on data sharing options of their own. Telstra is today launching “shared” data plans for consumer plans. Here’s how much you’ll pay, and the bonuses you’ll get for being an early-adopter.

The plans are pretty simple once you get your head around it. Basically, it’s available as a bolt-on option with Telstra’s Every Day Connect consumer-level plans. It’s not included for free, however: you’ll be paying for the privilege.

Every Day Connect plans come with one SIM card by default, but you can have up to three SIM cards connected to the one plan for data sharing with your SIM-enabled tablet.

Activating data sharing on a plan costs you $10 per month, and for each additional SIM you’ll be charged another $10 per month on top of that.

For example, say you have a phone with Telstra and an additional SIM-enabled tablet. The $60 Every Day Connect Plan gets you $600 of calls, unlimited text and MMS plus 1GB of data. To activate data sharing, you’ll pay $10 for the Every Day Connect Data Share Plan, then an additional $10 for the additional SIM card for a final cost of $80 per month.

Telstra is offering Every Day Connect Customers a bonus 1GB of data a month for 12 months on their plan if they activate data sharing between 1 October and 31 December 2013.

Telstra seems to be the first carrier to launch consumer-level data sharing on plans, after Optus flagged its intentions to produce similar plans some time in the next 12 months.

Would you use data sharing?

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