Grill Up Your Burgers With A Side Of Geometry

Grill Up Your Burgers With A Side Of Geometry

There’s hardly a better time for an Aussie BBQ than Summer, and what better way to celebrate the land Down Under than barbecuing with a charcoal grill that celebrates freedom from traditional geometry?

The one-of-a-kind Decahedron Fire Pit is made from 10 distinct pieces of CNC-engineered plate steel, meticulously arranged to form everyone’s favourite irregular 10-sided polyhedron. The removable grill lets you enjoy your stark geometrical sculpture with or without your dinner in its gaping maw, but doesn’t offer a whole lot of options — or space — for you grilling.

It’s a pretty little sucker, but all that steel comes at a price: $750 to be exact. It might be worth sticking to a grill with a few less sides to save a couple bucks, but no one will blame you for salivating at this one. [Etsy via Uncrate]

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