MOG Shutting Down In April, But What Happens To Telstra’s Music Streaming? [Update]

Beats Music is the newest kid on the block when it comes to music streaming, opening the doors to its new service in the last 24 hours. In its wake comes the news that the Beats-owned service, MOG, will close its doors on April 15. So what does that mean for Telstra who leans heavily on the service for its customers’ unmetered music streaming needs?


MOG will be replaced by Beats Music in Australia

MOG in the US will stop taking monthly billing payments out of people’s accounts on March 15 before its eventual shuttering on April 15.

Here’s the announcement in the words of Beats Music:

The MOG service will remain live until April 15, after which it will be shut down, and MOG will stop accepting shortly after Beats Music goes live. Monthly billing will cease on March 15, and all yearly subscriptions will be refunded on a prorated basis. Our goal is to convert as many MOG subscribers to Beats Music as possible. As part of that effort, all existing MOG subscribers will be offered a one-month free trial of Beats Music, which will be made available starting March 15.

We’ve asked Telstra what this means for its use of the MOG service going forward.

Beats Music at this stage isn’t available outside the US, nor have we heard anything that suggests it will launch internationally other than “coming soon”. Is Australia going to get Beats Music through Telstra? It’s not a silly idea when you consider that Beats already has unmetred content streaming deals with AT&T in the US.

More on this as we get it…