Aldi Is Slashing The Data On Its $35 Prepaid Offer…Again

Providing further proof that “unlimited” is never really unlimited for long, Aldi Mobile has slashed the amount of data available on its $35 prepaid offer by more than half.

Image: Getty

That’s right, the new $35 plan now costs you exactly the same per month while getting you a whole lot less.

The old $35 plan used to get you 2000 call minutes, 2000 SMS messages and 2.5GB of data over a 30-day expiry period. The new plan, however, gets you 1250 call minutes, 2200 SMS messages and a diminutive 1GB of data.

Aldi Mobile is using the same excuse it used when it cut plan rates a few months ago, saying that it’s “listening to customers and their usage”, adding most of those same customers use a lot less when it comes to their monthly allowance. There’s that idea of “the average customer” screwing high users again. [Lifehacker]

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