This Australian Restaurant Delivers Meals By Parachute

This Australian Restaurant Delivers Meals By Parachute

In the broad spectrum of goofball ideas out there, attaching piping fresh toasties to colourful little parachutes and tossing them out of a window to someone’s open arms ranks pretty highly towards the Yup, That’s Pretty Damn Silly end of things. And yet! Jafflechutes exists, and it does exactly that. What a wonderful world.

The pop-up service bills itself as the “float-down eatery,” showering the good people of Melbourne — and soon, New York — with Jaffles (that delicious kind of clamped-edge sando made with a special iron).

This Australian Restaurant Delivers Meals By Parachute

Here’s the drill: Order your cheese and tomato (or ham) treat via PayPal (at a not unreasonable $5 to $7), get the delivery coordinates, stand on the footpath at X-marks-the-spot, and look up to receive your lunch.

What it lacks in efficiency — a lot, considering that first-hand reports reveal some meals have gotten stuck in trees or on top of awnings — it seems to more than make up for in delight.

I mean, it’s eye-rollingly unnecessary, but who cares; I would get a kick out of doing this. It’s just off-the-wall enough to be worth it for an afternoon snack. Like the opposite of this pizza dude, and a more evolved version of these gals dangling cookies in San Francisco.

Apparently the founders made a whopping $1 profit off of the most recent effort on Sunday, so they’re clearly doing this for love, not money. Follow them on Twitter for updates on where they will be next. [Knstrct]

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