The Average (Theoretical) Speed Of The FTTN NBN So Far Is 46Mbps

Fibre to the node NBN is being rolled out to 1000 test sites across Australia, covering 200,000 homes and businesses. An independent tracking site has collated theoretical data from 69,000 premises to determine the average speed of FTTN in Oz so far — and that speed is 46Mbps. Not bad, but a long way from fibre to the premises. is an “independent NBN rollout tracking website”, going to pains to point out that it’s not associated in any way with NBN Co. What the FTTN Dashboard area of the site does is estimate the speed of any given property’s fibre to the node NBN connection, based on approximations of copper line lengths and the theoretical falloff of FTTN VDSL2+ speed based on other completed rollouts around the world.

With a bit of maths, it’s easy to determine the average speed of FTTN as the rollout has extended so far. Taking all 69,000 properties measured so far by myNBN across the eight trial areas, the average connection speed of a fibre to the node NBN line should be 46Mbps. Obviously the closer a premises is to whichever node is serving it, the faster speed it’ll be able to access; in Caboolture, for example, 3.72 per cent of properties on the FTTN NBN should be able to clock connection speeds of over 100Mbps, while 24.77 per cent should reach at least 50Mbps.

The analysis is ongoing, of course, and it’s only based on theoretical data collected and collated by myNBN, so it should be taken with a grain of salt. What it does show, if those data can be believed, is that the fibre to the node NBN should be in line to do a pretty decent (but not perfect) job of delivering the 25Mbps mandated and 50Mbps strategic review targets promised by the government and NBN Co. []

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