Samsung Galaxy S5: Mobile Tap And Pay Direct From Your Phone

No Wallet? No Worries. Made for Australia, the Samsung Galaxy S5 lets you make mobile tap and pay purchases directly from your phone. It’s the convenience of not having to pull out your cash or credit card.

See the video above to see mobile tap and pay in action.

Tap to pay can be pretty helpful when you’re on a night out with friends. We’ve all been there… Then there’s the convenience of being able to make mobile tap and pay purchases with your mobile for everyday transactions at the service station, grocery shop — even your favourite café.

Right now, mobile tap and pay is available for Westpac customers — and expect that support to grow in the future. You’ll need to download the app which helpfully looks after all your security details. Data charges may also apply. Check with your bank for compatibility info.

Meanwhile, did you know the Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner also works with the PayPal app to make easy payments via PayPal with a simple swipe of your finger?

Learn more about the Galaxy S5 easy payment features at Samsung Australia’s website.

Disclaimer: Currently available for customers of Westpac only. See the Westpac Website for details. Westpac app must be downloaded. Data charges may apply. Check with your bank for compatibility details.