Kim Dotcom May Have Just Saved Holiday Gaming

Infamous hacking group Lizard Squad has claimed credit for bringing down Xbox Live and PSN today with DDOS attacks, but Kim Dotcom may have just got them to cease and desist. I say “may” because there aren’t many details yet, other than a few tweets.

Up until now, the Lizard Squad had been demanding 10,000 retweets to allow normal online gaming to be resumed. That is, until Dotcom joined the conversation.

Said conversation looks almost a little too planned and perfect, but all that’s known so far is Dotcom can be seen talking to Lizard Squad and asking it to stop its attacks if offered 3,000 Lifetime accounts on Dotcom’s encrypted upload service, Mega.

The whole thing makes Mega look quite the hero (or enabler, depending on your view of giving in to hackers), but it is of course possible that Dotcom is just one awesome dude — or perhaps simply has an eye for PR. He posted the following on his Twitter account.

The Lizard Squad is saying on Twitter there are residual effects of the DDOS attack, though it ceased fire hours ago. If you received an Xbox One or Playstation 4 for Christmas and haven’t been able to get online yet, keep trying. Dotcom may have just saved the day.

Photo by Hannah Johnston