Here’s Where Tesla Plans To Build Its Supercharger Network in Australia

When Tesla launched in Australia, we brought you the news that by 2016, Tesla Motors would have installed 16 new Model S fast-chargers in the local market. That’s awesome, but what’s it going to look like at the end of this year? Here are a few maps to keep you in the know.

Here’s what the Supercharger network looks like now.

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By the end of 2015, Tesla Motors expects to have rolled out 10 Superchargers, capable of replenishing the at least half of the Model S’ 502km battery in just 20 minutes. Impressive.

Here’s where they’ll be:

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And here’s 2016:

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As Campbell mentioned in his review, you’ll likely need to have a chat to Tesla if you live further West than Melbourne and want a Supercharger in your backyard.

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