Luna: A Sleep Gadget That Turns Your Mattress Into A Smart Bed

There are loads of gadgets that promise to make your home smarter. Smart lights, smart alarms, smart locks, smart everything. But what about your sleep? Is that getting any smarter? One start-up wants to make your sleep smarter than ever with a mattress cover called Luna.

Luna does a few things to make your bed smart. First of all, it manages the temperature between the sheets. According to the company’s co-founder, temperature is one of the keys to good sleep.

The smart mattress will learn your routine and warm your bed up for you in time for you to crawl in, and it will continue to regulate the temperature all night so you can have a whole night of good rest.

In order to keep learning, Luna has a series of sensors that track your breathing, heart rate and other vital statistics so you don’t have to take a wearable to bed.

It also pulls in data from other sources like Health on your iPhone and your various fitness wearables to see if your sleep patterns need to be altered to get the best night’s rest.

When it ships in August (if you’re kind with your crowdfunding dollars), Luna will also connect with your other smart gadgets at home so you can go to sleep with locked doors, switched-off lights and a thermostat in economy mode. In the same vein, you’ll also wake up with a warm house and coffee on the brew in your kitchen.

Luna starts at $US249 for a normal bed cover, and also fits Queen-sized and King-sized mattresses. [Luna]

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