Modern Conveniences Make This Retro Torch New Again

Modern Conveniences Make This Retro Torch New Again

Whether you’re mining for gold deep in the heart of Western Australia, or trying to find your way downstairs to replace a blown fuse, this retro-styled lantern from Barebones will light the way without needing a single drop of kerosene. Because instead of a flame, it uses a three Cree LED bulbs powered by a rechargeable battery.

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On its lowest setting the $US80 Canyon Lantern will for an impressive 80 hours after a two or three hour charge, but at its maximum brightness of 200 lumens you’ll probably only get about three hours of illumination. It can be used as a handheld torch, with a form factor that makes it perfect for exploring haunted houses, or you can extend the fresnel lens for more ambient lighting to fill a tent. And in a pinch, a built-in USB port lets you leech of the lantern’s battery to keep your smartphone alive.

[Barebones via Uncrate]

Modern Conveniences Make This Retro Torch New Again

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