All Dragon Ball Z Figurines Should Come With Holographic Charging

No, this Goku figurine isn’t on fire — those are virtual flames (you can tell by the pixels). This neat-looking presentation was put together by Brazilian firms ZW Design and Front BH, to show off the former’s holography technology. What better way to boast about special effects than a Dragon Ball-style charge-up featuring none other than Goku himself.

ZW Design’s news post about the setup (in Portuguese) doesn’t reveal much about how the tech works, other than the fact it allows “viewing in three faces of the object to be exposed (front, left side and right side)”.

The end result is nice to watch and I’m sure it has plenty of applications in advertising and perhaps engineering — for 3D visualisations, say — but it’d be interesting to know how long it takes to put together and the limitations it has.

Not the sort of things you’d point out in a promotional video I guess.

[YouTube, via Rocket News]