Thanks For Having Me Gizmodo, It Has Been A Blast

With Luke covering Mobile World Congress 2015 I have spent the last few days holding the reins at Gizmodo HQ as guest Editor. In lieu of an actual introduction, here is a farewell instead, at least until next time.

As a long time Gizmodo reader I have a particular love for entering video competitions as a proudly bearded man. If you want to see me chainsaw a laptop and hit a phone with an axe then you are in the right place.

It’s been a fun week. I have re-lived my Indoor Skydive, hooned around the city on an electric scooter and jump started a car with the coolest USB power bank ever.

I also got to watch Aussie robots do battle, test out console replacing mini-PCs in my lounge room, put together a guide to the best back to school laptops and gotten jealous of everyone living in Melbourne.

Despite the fact he is not even in the same country, I’ve even laughed (and sympathetically gagged) along with Luke’s VR experience.

Thanks for having me Gizmodo!

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