This Twitter Bot Shares Devastating Secrets In Exchange For Yours

This Twitter Bot Shares Devastating Secrets In Exchange For Yours

There is a distressing secret clawing at each of our souls. But a new Twitter bot called @secrets_exe is designed to help you get that burden out into the world — without telling anybody about it. Liberation is just a tweet away.

Secrets_exe is pretty simple. Step one: Follow the bot. Then after it follows you back, send it it a direct message with that crushing secret that has been hurting your body. Instantly, secrets_exe will send you back someone else’s secret. You won’t know who!

(Please, for the love of god make sure you are DMing the bot and not sending it an @reply with your secret, OK Carlos Danger?)

The @secrets_exe account was created by novice programmer Josh Nalven, who used it as a way to learn about Javascript. It’s worth noting that while the bot won’t tell other people who wrote the secrets, it’s definitely not truly “private”, as Nalven can see your DMs. He promises to respect your privacy. At the very least he has the account enabled with two-factor authentication so it’s very unlikely someone could gain control and reveal everyone’s secrets.

Sending your buried knowledge into the void is pretty therapeutic, a bit like climbing a tall mountain and screaming that you know about a murder to the stars. Or something dramatic like that. At the very least, reading someone else’s darkness will let you know you’re not alone. [Twitter]

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