2 Technologies You Didn’t Know Existed In Running Shoes

Not all running shoes are created equal, and over the years the tech making sure your feet are comfortable while they pound the pavement has advanced significantly. Manufacturers have certainly been working on it long enough, as evidenced by this wonderfully old school Discovery Channel special with hilarious egg-dropping experiment sequences (check out the computer monitors for an indication of how ancient this is!). But what exactly is going on inside our shoes these days?

We got the lowdown on two technologies you’d probably never paid any attention to, that have been keeping your feet protected this whole time, from The Athlete’s Foot. These guys know that people run for all different reasons and motivations, and that everyone’s fit is different, unique and special. Here’s just two features that may end up in your next pair of runners.

1. Gel Cushioning

The ASICS GEL Cushioning System has been the core technology of ASICS’ footwear for nearly two decades. Placed within the shoe’s midsole at key impact areas, the GEL Cushioning System works in conjunction with the midsole material to attenuate the shock experienced by the foot from vertical forces in all sporting activities. ASICS footwear meets the particular biomechanical needs of athletes. The GEL Cushioning System is a key component in meeting these needs and is developed in many densities and shapes to best fit the impact requirements of these athletes.

Rearfoot GEL
During a standard run, the foot encounters vertical impact forces normally 3 to 5 times an athlete’s body weight during heelstrike. The GEL Cushioning System in the heel attenuates the shock from this. The Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System stabilises the foot during the first phase of the Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.).

Forefoot GEL
The GEL Cushioning System in the forefoot reduces the loading forces that would normally be applied as the foot moves in propulsion. The Forefoot GEL Cushioning System works in conjunction with the midsole material to reduce the shear forces and the forefoot flex grooves to accommodate the pressure as the foot rolls through the “line of progression” to toe-off, the final phase of the I.G.S.

Rearfoot GEL and Forefoot GEL often are found together in a shoe because of their separate functions within a shoe’s construction.

ASICS GEL-Kayano 21

2. ISOFIT Technology

ISOFIT is the new upper technology that Saucony have pioneered with the Triumph 12. ISOFIT creates a dynamic fit (sock-like feel) and adapts to the shape of the runner’s foot. The open toe box design further enhances a plush feel and delivers superior comfort. A soft inner sleeve and floating support cage combine to create a dynamic fit system that adapts to the shape and motion of your foot — it basically morphs to the foot for a sock-like feel.

See it in action here:

No matter if you’re a tech runner, an office runner, or even an athlete — if you’re in pain when you exercise, you shouldn’t be. With expert advice from The Athlete’s Foot you can find the perfect fit, and LOVE THE RUN®.