Hands On: Save 20% Off Your Fuel Bill With An Invention From An Aussie Startup

GoFar has launched an F1 inspired device that works like a fitness band for your car. Not only does it help you drive more efficiently to save fuel, it can track data such as fuel use and sync it to your phone.

Ray, as the GoFar team call the device, is an OBDII dongle connected to an LED filled ‘ray’ that sits on top of your dash. Drive efficiently and it lights up blue. Too heavy on the power and it will start to glow red as you use more fuel.

By simply following Ray’s advice, you can improve your driving efficiency.

We took it for a hands on drive and were suitably impressed – the feedback really helps guide your driving style to be more efficient.

The science behind the GoFar device is that every car engine has a sweet spot where it uses full most efficiently. By giving you feedback on your driving, the team claim you can save over 20% in fuel costs.

It also promises to actually decrease trip times, as you tend to end up with a higher average speed. Other studies into more efficient driving has shown it can also reduce accidents.

Plenty of cars already have efficiency feedback, so what makes Ray special is the behind the scenes data logging. Connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, the dongle records ongoing information such as fuel consumption.

Using the free GoFar app, you can review your data, compare trips and even compete against others to see who can use the least fuel.

The GoFar Ray launched via Kickstarter on Monday, but was already fully funded 2 days later. You can still jump on board though and reserve your device at a discount, otherwise it will set you back $149 after the campaign.

For more information about all the features, check out the video below and head over to the GoFar website and Kickstarter.

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