Budget 2015: All The Tech News That Matters

We’ve rounded up and analysed all the key technology news from the 2015 Budget, from the Netflix tax to why it’s now easier for your boss to buy you a laptop. Here’s everything you need to know.

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The Netflix Tax: Everything You Need To Know

Days after Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey confirmed that the so-called “Netflix Tax” would be coming for your wallets, we now have the details on the plan from the Budget.


Here’s How The Government Is Explaining Data Retention In The Budget

Data retention is a complex and ethically dicey piece of national security legislation that requires careful explanation in order to sell it to the public, right? Nope. The Federal Government just threw some clip art at it for the 2015 Federal Budget.


Go Ask Your Employer For A New Laptop Or Tablet, Tell Them Joe Hockey Sent You

Sick of that crappy laptop or tablet that work gave you? Start drafting an email to your IT guy: it just became cheaper than ever for a small business to buy new gadgets thanks to a fringe-benefits tax change in the Federal Budget.


We’re Getting A Big Red Button To Report ISIS Propaganda Online

As part of the Australian bid to combat IS and other terrorist groups around the world,
new funding is being assigned to stop kids being radicalised online. Part of the funds will also be going to a new online reporting tool to help citizens say something when they see something online.


The Australian Government Has A Big New Stick For Big Tech Companies Who Dodge Their Taxes

After endless hearings and crafty testimony from big tech giants, the Federal Budget has a big, new stick to tackle corporate profit shifting and tax minimisation.


Start-Ups Get A Crowdfunding Boost In The Federal Budget

Long-suffering start-ups trying to make it in the tough Australian market are set to get a touch of relief from the Federal Government as part of the new 2015-16 Federal Budget.


Australian ISPs Will Get $131 Million To Help Fund Metadata Retention

One of the big question marks over the controversial “metadata retention” legislation requiring ISPs to keep detailed records of what Australians do online was how much money the government would cough up to help deal with the increased costs the plan would create.

Now we have an official figure: $131 million. That figure, revealed as part of a $450 million lift in anti-terrorism spending which is part of today’s federal budget, isn’t particularly good news for consumers.

The Cheapest NBN 50 Plans

It’s the most popular NBN speed in Australia for a reason. Here are the cheapest plans available.

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