Trekkies, Rejoice: Stan Now Has Every Episode Of Deep Space Nine

Even though Star Wars is better, Star Trek is still OK. And there’s a lot of it out there, which is great for binge watching on a hungover weekend morning or a lazy weekday night. All seven seasons of Deep Space Nine are now on Stan, along with the original series and The Next Generation.

Star Trek image via Shutterstock

With seven seasons and 176 episodes of Deep Space Nine now added to the Aussie video streaming service from Nine Entertainment and Fairfax Media, there’s about 126 new hours of Trekkie video joining the 66 hours (three seasons, 79 episodes) of The Original Series and 130 hours (seven series, 178 episodes) of The Next Generation. So, if you’re a Star Trek newbie, there’s a solid two weeks of 24/7 Star Trek viewing in your Stan subscription.

If you’re committed to streaming every single episode back to back on Stan, you’ll have spent a mere $5 — half of the monthly Stan subscription price of $9.99 — from start to finish. Considering that Star Trek started in 1966 and Deep Space Nine finished in 1999, you’re getting pretty damn good value for money.

Wired also has a great guide to binge-watching Deep Space Nine, so take a look before you dive in. Also new this month on Stan: Snowpiercer, Live Die Repeat (also known as Edge Of Tomorrow), all of Frontline and The Hollowmen. [Stan]

Disclosure: Stan is a 50/50 joint venture between Nine Entertainment and Fairfax Media. Allure Media, the company which publishes Gizmodo Australia, is also owned by Fairfax.

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