Reminder: Don’t Use Hola To Beat Data Retention And Site Blocking

Hola was once regarded as a great way to get access to things like Netflix’s US catalogue or Hulu Plus. You might think about using it to get around site blocking restrictions and hide yourself from the Government’s data retention scheme. That’s a bad idea.

Here’s why you shouldn’t use Hola. Like, ever.

Recently it was revealed that Hola actually uses your IP as an end-point for other people’s traffic. Unfortunately, you have no idea what your IP address is being used for by people on the other end.

Someone proved this by using Hola end-points to perform a DDoS attack on 8Chan, so it’s less than a theoretical flaw and more of a practical risk to using the software.

What’s worse is that if the person on the other end uses your end-point address to traffic in nasty stuff like child porn or drugs online, the police would only ever see your IP address.

It’s a similar problem that TOR exit nodes run into, and it sucks.

It’s simple to protect yourself: don’t use Hola.

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