Border Force: Stop Bringing Gun-Shaped Phone Cases Into Australia You Idiots

Oh my God why does anyone need to say this out loud? Why do the Federal Police need to say this out loud? To anyone?! Jesus Christ, fine. Don’t buy those stupid gun-shaped phone cases and bring them back into Australia you idiots. The cops said so.

In case you’re not familiar with what I’m calling the worst phone accessory ever, it’s a phone case with a pistol handle attached to the side. The handle acts as a support for your device, and when you use your phone for calls it makes it look like you’re holding a firearm up to your ear.

People are buying these things overseas and trying to import them back into Australia in contravention of the ban on imitation firearms. Now the Border Force and the Australian Federal Police are asking travellers to stop with the stupid phone cases.

It’s not even a Good Thing. Why are any of you people even buying them?

It’s a stupid way to hold your phone, for starters. It’s an ergonomic Katrina. Second, it’s a really awesome way to get accidentally shot by the police who might think you actually have a dangerous, deadly weapon renowned for killing people real quick.

It shouldn’t need to be said: stop it with the stupid gun phone cases. The cops are onto you.

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