Apple iPhone 6s, New Apple TV, iPad Pro Australian Live Blog: Follow All The News As It Happened

New Apple TV. New 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a stylus. Two new iPhones with insane cameras. New everything. This is the news from Apple in San Francisco, and you’ll want to see how it happened. Get in here!

This post originally ran at 3AM, September 10.

All times are in AEST. We’ve added headings and headlines to make it easier to read.


3pm, 9 September 2015

And we’re live!


The Apple event will kick off live from San Francisco at 3am AEST on 10 September. We’ll have specs, stats, photos and all the action from the event.


What do you want from tomorrow’s event? A new iPhone? A new Apple TV? An Apple Watch update? Tell us in the comments!


Here’s what we’re expecting from tomorrow’s event:

Apple TV
iPhone 6s
Apple TV streaming service
iPad Pro


Hi there! Five-and-a-bit hours to go. If you’re staying up in the early hours of this morning to watch the live stream and read our live blog, why not play bingo with us too?


…Hey, has anyone noticed that the Apple Store website is down?

2:45am, 10 Sep

And we’re in!



It’s on.

A photo posted by Luke Hopewell (@lukehopewell) on


Rather than curate a selection of music for the presser this year, Apple has just whacked on Beats One radio to keep us all amused before showtime. But of course!

Don’t forget to have your bingo cards handy!


And we’re live! Tim Cook is up and the crowd goes nuts.

Tim welcomes all the Apple staff who have packed out half the auditorium.

New Apple Watch bands, WatchOS 2


“No time for updates!” Tim says. We’re already talking about the Apple Watch. Seems like just a but of a plug for what it’s doing in the market right now.

Customer satisfaction on Watch is at 97 per cent.


Jeff Williams is here to talk more about Watch and WatchOS 2.

There are now over 10,000 Watch apps on the store. Nice work, developers


Facebook Messenger, iTranslate and GoPro are all getting native Watch apps. Thank God!


Dr Cameron Powell, co-founder of a medical app called AirStrip is here to talk about how Watch is helping in healthcare.

Whoa. AirStrip with WatchOS 2 will give you live vital signs from your Watch.

One step further: the Apple Watch can measure a baby’s heartrate while it’s still in the mother’s womb so it can be sent to a doctor, and can also be heard by the mother. Whoa.


Jeff Williams is back, now talking about the collection of bands. Bring on new colours!


Oooooh. Apple is partnering with Hermes for a series of leather, hand-stitched bands with an exclusive face. It’s gorgeous.

Jeff just teased new models. Apple Watch 2?!

Gold and rose gold, as well as anodised aluminium. New band colours are coming too. Same price as the rest of the Sport line-up, rather than being in the Edition line up.

Stainless space black is also getting a new sport band, and the classic leather brown is getting two new finishes.

There’s also a new Product Red band. I want all of them.

The new models of Watch are shipping today in Australia, and WatchOS2 ships on 16 September.

iPad Pro, Apple Pencil


Tim Cook is back, with updates on iPad! iPad Pro in the works??

Tim says it’s the biggest news in iPad since iPad. It has to be the 12-inch model, right? Hype video time.


Very space. Much iPad.


Phil Schiller is up to tell us more about the iPad Pro! It’s real!


iOS 9’s multi-tasking features were designed with iPad Pro in mind.

The display is 12.9-inches with a 2732 x 2048 resolution: that’s higher res than the MacBook Pro with Retina display. It looks gorgeous.


It’s powered by the new A9x processor, and it’s almost two times faster than the A8 chip it replaces says Phil.


It has four speakers and 10 hours of battery.

It’s 6.9mm thin, compared to 6.1mm thin on the iPad Air 2, and it’s just 712g.



Apple finally has a keyboard Smart Cover for the new iPad Pro! Look out, Surface.

It’s covered in a woven fabric to give you a feel for the keys, and the same shallow keys that live in the new MacBook.

It connects with a magnetic clip called the Smart Connector that sends power and data, allowing you to have one-clip pairing of your keyboard.

Apple’s New Smart Keyboard Turns The iPad Pro Into A Surface Clone


Whoa! The iPad comes with a new stylus that Apple is calling Pencil. Hot. Damn.

If you listen closely you can hear Samsung execs screaming their heads off from South Korea.

Apple Pencil: The Stylus Steve Jobs Warned Us About

Apple Pencil has a battery life of a few hours, but also has a Lightning connector so it can charge on your iPad Pro.

I guess that answers the “does iPad Pro have USB-C” question: it doesn’t.


Holy shit. Apple brought out a Microsoft SVP to demonstrate Apple Pencil on Office for iPad. My mind. It is blown. The new Apple is a Good Thing.

Office for iPad is a beautiful piece of software. I’m so glad Microsoft is here to demonstrate it.


Eric Snowden from Adobe (Apple’s “good friends” according to Phil lol), is here to demonstrate some great new design apps.

Snowden drew an X, a headline box and two placeholder boxes, and in 10 seconds he’d built a layout. Jesus Christ.

Adobe is also bringing TypeKit to iPad.


Adobe is announcing Photoshop Fix for iPad today, which allows for facial detection to fix everything from image blemishes to making people smile more. Seriously.

Photoshop Fix ships in October. Might give you a clue as to when the iPad Pro is shipping?


Irene Walsh from 3D4Medical is here to show off some amazing anatomical apps.

That app is bonkers by the way.


Here are your specs:

It costs a bit, though. 32GB costs $US799, 128GB costs $US949 and a 128GB model with LTE capabilities costs $US1079. The exchange rate with Australia is going to really make that price hurt when it ships.

The Apple Pencil is $US99, and that keyboard cover is $US169.

It’s shipping in November.

And that’s iPad Pro!

iPad Mini 4


There’s also a cheeky iPad Mini update. The iPad Mini 4 is the power of the iPad Air 2 in the smaller form factor.

Apple Quietly Releases New iPad Mini 4 And Updates iPad Prices

The iPad Mini 2 is getting cheaper too. Here’s the line-up!

Apple TV


Tim Cook is back, talking TV!

“Our vision for TV is simple, but perhaps a bit provocative. The future of TV is apps,” says Cook.

“To deliver on this vision we need a new foundation for TV, built on powerful hardware, runs a modern OS, that provides a new user experience…that has powerful tools and APIs so developers can create apps that are amazing like in the mobile space…and that has an App Store.”

But is it a screen or a box?


So it’s a set top box with a remote that doubles as a game controller, and Siri plays a big role.

The cheers are deafening in the auditorium!

Eddy Cue comes on to tell us more in THE LOUDEST silk shirt I’ve ever seen.

The New Apple TV Is An App-Powered Fun Machine


The touch surface is covered in glass so it’s easy to swipe.

There’s also a Siri button on that remote too.

Shows and movies get their own hype pages, and Siri searches across different streaming apps to let you know where stuff is available across iTunes, Netflix, HBO and Showtime. Those last two won’t work in Australia, but I imagine you could replace them with Stan and Presto in time.


Apple TV also has exclusive high-res, slow motion scenes that work as screen savers. The’ve gone to so much effort to make it look this good!

Album and promo artwork has 3D depth that moves with your finger around the remote. What an insane touch.

Siri is also insanely powerful, and knows shows, actors and natural phrases. There’s also a feature where you can ask what a character said, and Siri skips back 15 seconds and enables subtitles so you can find out.

There are so many features. I can barely keep up. There’s weather, Siri search, Apple Music. The works.


There’s now a newly-minted TVos for Apple TV, and everyone has new apps for the new App Store.


The guys from Aussie studio Hipster Whale are here! They’re demonstrating Crossy Road on the new Apple TV, with an exclusive multiplayer mode. These guys rule.


Harmonix is now up. Bring on another rhythm game!


It’s not so much a Rock Band game, instead it’s a Wii-esque game that lets you swing to hit balls. Nifty use of the new remote.

There’s also multiplayer support for four players using their iPhones and iPod Touch as a remote.


Michelle Peluso from online shopping store GILT is here to talk about shopping on the TV. GILT does ship to Australia, but it’s tricky. Let’s get The Iconic or Shopstyle on Apple TV!


I just…I just can’t see anyone shopping from their TV.


Moving onto Major League Baseball.

While they talk about that, let’s talk about the Aussie equivalent: Cricket! Cricket Australia does have a highlights app for Apple TV, but not a live streaming app like MLB is demonstrating.

That’s because Channel Nine bids an absolute motza for the TV rights, and doesn’t want to give it away for free. Hopefully that changes with the new Apple TV.


So, how much does it cost? Tell us, Eddy!


The new remote works with Bluetooth 4.0, packs in volume control, lasts for three months on a single charge and it powers up via Lightning on the bottom, and packs an accelerometer and gyroscope.

Ports include HDMI, Ethernet and it costs $US149 for the 32GB model, and $US199 for the 64GB model. It ships in October.

iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus


Tim is back, and it’s iPhone time.


iPhone penetration in China is up 75 per cent year on year, while the rest of the industry has gone down by four per cent. Craziness.

Customer satisfaction is “literally off the charts” according to Tim.


here they come: the new iPhones.

It’s the iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus!

Tim says they look familiar, but everything under the hood is different.

This Is Apple’s New iPhone 6s


Phil Schiller is here to tell us more.


There’s a new colour: rose gold, and a new metal of Apple’s own design to make it stronger and lighter.


Instead of adding Force Touch, there’s something called 3D Touch on the new iPhone.


Holy crap. 3D Touch looks awesome. It’s a nifty long-press that contextually gives you access to new menus, content and actions. New sensors under the display read how you’re pressing and react accordingly. It looks awesome.


Craig Federighi is here to show off 3D Touch!

You can hold down on a message in Mail to get a look at the content, and action it by swiping left or right for Reply or Trash.

You can hold down on unique actions like flight names or websites on your Messages app, and it gives you a preview of a Siri search or Safari browser.

Holding down on Home screen icons also gives you new actions. Holding down on Camera lets you access the selfie mode, take a panorama or do other functions with a single sub-menu tap; Maps lets you drop a pin or navigate to home, and you can even swipe between apps.

3D Touch is also being given to third-party developers from launch. WeChat, Instagram and Weibo.


The new processor is an A9 chip, and it’s 70 per cent faster than A8.


Oooh. Now we’re having a look at Warhammer 40K: Freeblade. 3D Touch allows you to long press and change guns and zoom angles in the game.


The Motion Co-Processor (M9) has now been built onto the chip, and it’s always on as a result for better power functionality. Hey Siri passive listening is now always on as well.

There’s a new TouchID sensor that’s twice as fast as well.


Camera time: the new camera is a 12-megapixel sensor.

Apple is also saying that they have reduced cross-talk on the larger image sensor to isolate the photo-diodes to maintain good colour.

We’re looking at a bit of a gallery of photos directly from the new iPhone 6s, and it’s pretty goddamn impressive.


The new iPhone can also capture 4K video!

While we watch a beautiful 4K video captured on the new iPhone, it’s worth pointing out that the whole auditorium just looked down at their wrists because our Watches just told us to stand up for a minute. Oh boy.

iPhone 6S Plus: Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s More Powerful Monster


The front-facing camera is now 5-megapixels, and also features a new flash built out of the Retina display. Goddamn.


Apple now also has something called Live Photos, which adds a small amount of video motion to your images that you can use 3D Touch to activate. Apple stresses that they aren’t videos, they’re photos.

So…it’s a GIF.


Apple is giving the iPhone LTE-A support for theoretical 350Mbps down speeds, as well as updated Wi-Fi.


Oh hey look, Apple is finally showing off that switching from Android app.

There are also new docks that colour match your phone, and new leather and silicon cases.


So how much? It’s not really relevant to show you US pricing, because it’s carrier subsidised, but here they are.

We’ll update you on pricing when we get it for Australia.

Apple is also introducing that thing Telstra has that lets you get a new phone every 12 months.

Australia and New Zealand will be getting it from 25 September, with pre-orders opening from Saturday.

iOS 9 is coming on September 16.


Ok, and with a thanks to Apple staff we’re wrapping up, but not before a musical guest.

It’s OneRepublic.


We’re off to get hands ons. We’ll bring you all of them as soon as humanly possible.

Refresh this page periodically for the latest updates!

Luke Hopewell travelled to San Francisco as a guest of Apple.

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