John McAfee Is Starting A New Political Party For His Presidential Run

John McAfee Is Starting A New Political Party For His Presidential Run

Remember earlier today when we told you that John McAfee was thinking about running for President? Well, he just filed the paperwork to make it official. According to The Hill, McAfee will be “founding a new party yet to be announced.”

Earlier press reports said that McAfee claims to have had thousands of emails encouraging him to run, and that his “advisors” were also very supportive of the idea. At that time, nobody knew who these so-called advisors might be, but Kyle Sandler, a former Google employee, is now named as one of McAfee’s campaign directors.

The lead up to any presidential primary season tends to be a shit circus. But the 2016 presidential primaries really do smell unique. Like a bonfire made of tweets soaked in lutefisk; all 140 character explorations of the Overton Window, burning just bright enough to be seen by the aliens that would do humanity an enormous favour to come down and turn us into a fuel source, putting the lot of us out of our media-obsessed misery.

Between the after passing one issue, and Donald Trump currently setting the tone for the Republican party, American politics is truly upside down. So with McAfee, a man who made his fortune selling anti-virus software and is more recently known for antics like playing Russian roulette in front of journalists and being hunted down for questioning in the murder of his neighbour in Belize, his entry into the race somehow doesn’t feel like the b-movie plot that it should be.

Godspeed, aliens. We’re counting on you.

(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

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