With This Self-Healing Rubber, Your Flat Tire Can Fix Itself

With This Self-Healing Rubber, Your Flat Tire Can Fix Itself

Researchers in Germany recently discovered a way to manufacture rubber that can “heal” after being cut or pierced. In this incredible video, you can see the rubber growing back together.

The implications are far-ranging, and not just for flat tires. This material could mean that rubberised seals on industrial machines would heal, too, potentially creating a safer factory environment. And self-healing rubber is just the latest attempt to create materials that knit themselves back together after damage. Already, there are self-healing metals, protective films, and concrete.

In the future, your machines may heal themselves. That would certainly be a good alternative to throwing things away at the first sign of damage.

Read the full paper on self-healing rubber at the American Chemical Society.

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