Simple Tricks To Save Money On Car Tyres

Cars are expensive, and new tyres can seem like a black hole for your hard-earned money. Here’s some tips from the good people at Tyroola to help you save cash — without cutting corners.


Don’t Over Or Under Inflate

Your tyres inflated to their proper levels can help maximise your car’s fuel economy and the life of your tyre.

It’s not the type of tyre or its size but your vehicle’s load and driving needs that will determine the appropriate tyre pressure. To work this out, find the manufacturers tyre pressure guide in your car — this might be inside the driver’s side door, under the bonnet or in the glove box. Compare your tyre pressure to the chart provided — this should be checked before driving anywhere to get an accurate reading.

If you are carrying heavy loads or towing, add 28kpa/4psi. If you are hitting the highway (or planning on clocking in speeds of 120km/ph) for any length of time, add 28kpa/4psi.

Don’t inflate your tyres above 40 psi or 280 kPa. When the tyres get hot from driving, the pressure will increase even more.

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Regular Checks Are Key

Our vehicles tyres lose pressure at a rate of one or two kpa per month in cool weather, and faster in the warmer months. A good rule of thumb is to check air pressure every second time you fill up with fuel, depending on how often you have been driving.

Keep an eye on your tread wear indicators, too. Legally, and for safety, you need to have at least 1.5mm tread depth where the tyre meets the road. When the tread wears to the legal limit, the wear bar will be level with the tread blocks.

Remember to look out for any cuts, gouges or foreign objects stuck into the tyre while you are doing your regular checks.

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Rotate, Rotate, Rotate

If you want your tyres last longer, you need to be rotating them. The front tyres in front wheel drive vehicles, for example, bear the brunt of braking, steering and driving so wear at a faster rate than the back tyres. Rotation helps even this up.

You should be getting a full tyre rotation every 5,000 to 8,000 kilometeres, even if wear isn’t obvious. At the same time, it’s worth getting a wheel alignment and balance done to ensure even wear across your tyres, so you don’t have to replace them earlier than necessary.

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