Watch Robot Koch’s Trippy Music Video Filmed Entirely On An iPhone

German Electronica maestro Robot Koch has released a new music video for his track Dark Waves. What makes this clip interesting is that the whole thing was shot and edited on an iPhone 6S Plus. The result is an aquatic masterpiece that looks just like a professional surf video — with arty slow-mo bits thrown in for good measure.

Now granted, the above video was shot and directed by professional videographer Sven Dreesbach, which helps to explain why it looks so polished. He also had help from a handful of accessories including the Beastgrip camera cage, Watershot case, Olloclip lenses and Manfrotto Fig Rig Camera Stabiliser.

Nevertheless, it’s good to know that our smartphones can produce professional music videos in their entirety. There’s never been a better time to be a creative.

[Via Motion]