How To Find The Best Spotify Playlists

How To Find The Best Spotify Playlists

With more than 30 million songs available on Spotify, how do you even begin finding the best ones — the tracks you’re going to love and put on heavy rotation for years to come? By finding the best playlists, of course. And we’ve collected a selection of resources for doing just that. This way, you’ll never be stuck trying to find something new to listen to ever again.

Discover Weekly

How To Find The Best Spotify Playlists

The Discover Weekly playlist is no secret, but there’s a chance you might not have come across the very intuitive list that’s spit out by Spotify’s music algorithms every seven days. From the desktop client or inside the mobile apps, go to Browse and then Discover to find it. There’s a good chance there you’ll fall in love with waiting for you right now.


Spotibot will generate playlists for you based on a band or artist name, but you can also connect it up to your account to get a more personalised list of suggested songs. What’s more, you can simply tweet at the @spotibot account on Twitter and get a song recommendation in return.

The Playlist Miner

How To Find The Best Spotify Playlists

With a little help from the Spotify API, The Playlist Miner uses a keyword of your choosing (like “workout” or “electronica”) to find the most popular matching tracks in the most popular public playlists on the Spotify. It’s a clever way of tapping into the musical prefernces of Spotify users in seconds.


Topsify cuts through the noise to bring you some top-quality curated playlists that you can plug into right away. They have it all: Top 40 charts, playlists curated around a specific mood, and special holiday entries. There’s plenty to explore inside Topsify’s straightforward, chunky online interface.


How To Find The Best Spotify Playlists

Playlists can be a lot of work, but MagicPlaylist makes building one much easier. It brings you “the playlist of your dreams” based on just a single song: type in a track you like, and MagicPlaylist does the rest. Best of all, there’s a save to Spotify button right at the top, so you can start on your desktop and move to your smartphone with relative ease.


The playlists you come across on can vary widely in quality but there’s plenty to choose from. If you haven’t found one you love, keep digging. It’s worth keeping an eye on the subreddit just to see if anything of interest comes up — and sharing your own creations is a good way of finding new ones.

How To Find The Best Spotify Playlists

Just about the most popular playlist-sharing site out there, features thousands of playlists to choose from, arranged by category, topic and mood. If you find the site itself too overwhelming, try the recently launched Playlist a Day app, which does exactly what its name suggests.

Your friends

Sharing a Spotify playlist is so effortless and straightforward even your parents can do it (right-click and Share, by the way). Why not ask some of your friends or family members to create playlists for you? They will probably be only too happy to pass on some of their music-curating wisdom with you.

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