Hisense’s New 4K ULED TVs Are Incredibly Cheap

In Formula 1, each constructors’ cars feature incredibly advanced technology that slowly trickles down into road cars over the next decade. In the world of technology, things move much faster, and that’s why Hisense’s surprisingly affordable ULED TVs have the same quantum dot colour gamut widening tech that we’ve seen on top-tier LG and Samsung screens at a fraction of the price.

Taking the opportunity at the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix a few weeks ago, Hisense has launched its new ULED Series 7 TVs within Australia. Available in 50, 55, 65, 70 and 75-inch screen sizes over the next few months, the Series 7 is Hisense’s most advanced TV yet — it combines quantum dot and LED backlighting to massively increase the number of colours the screen can display.

The Series 7 is a 4K TV, too, and supports 240-zone local dimming across its matrix of back-lit LEDs, allowing Hisense to give the screen higher contrast with especially bright whites alongside relatively dark blacks. The Series 7 even supports HDR video, which Netflix has recently introduced to its streaming catalogue with Daredevil and Marco Polo. Just about all you miss out on is the kind of Smart TV smarts that Hisense’s competitors use — but add a Chromecast and you’re 90 per cent of the way there.

Hisense’s ULED TVs are getting some good press, with favourable comparisons to LG’s OLED screens in bright settings — while OLED has the lowest possible blacks, its screens aren’t as bright as any LED tech. But more than any outright tech comparison, it’ll be price that plays in Hisense’s favour: the cheapest 50-inch screen is just $1499, while the mainstream 55-inch — out in May — will be $1999. You’ll pay $3499 for the 65-inch, $3999 for the 70-inch and $4999 for the 75-inch ULED Series 7.


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