You’ll Never Guess Who’s Turning Greg Grunberg’s Graphic Novel Into A Movie

You’ll Never Guess Who’s Turning Greg Grunberg’s Graphic Novel Into A Movie

When you’re Greg Grunberg, things are pretty good. You’re a successful actor on your own, but you’re also best friends with J.J. Abrams, so you get roles like Snap Wexley in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Your friend will even produce a movie based on your new graphic novel.

The graphic novel is called Dream Jumper, and it follows a young boy who can — wait for it — jump into other people’s dreams. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “that power turns into a nightmare, literally, when his friends begin falling into an endless sleep and something in the dream world wants the boy’s abilities for itself.”

That sounds potentially pretty cool, with elements of Inception, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and even some superheroism in there, too. The graphic novel itself is being published on June 28; Grunberg co-wrote it with the illustrator, Lucas Turnbloom.

According to the report, while Abrams’ company Bad Robot is now on board for the film adaptation, there’s a chance it could be live-action or animated. That decision hasn’t been made yet, nor has a writer been hired, so the film is a long way away.

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