10 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts Your Geeky Mum Will Love

Forget flowers, slippers, a homemade card. And for the love of all that is good do not get her a vacuum cleaner. Here’s 10 things your geeky Mum really wants for Mother’s Day.

I promise this isn’t just a personal wishlist. Okay maybe it is. But hey, I’m a geeky Mum! So trust me, add these to your shopping list. Oh — and because I know you’ve left it to the last minute, these are all gifts you can pick up in store tomorrow.

1. Fitbit Alta, from $188

Pictured with the fancy graphite leather band, an extra $99.95 at JB HiFi.

There are a couple of conditions under which this is a good pressie for your Mum.

1. She is a fitness freak and has been asking for a new shiny tracker.
2. You have had a conversation where she has specifically expressed wanting a fitness tracker, but lamented the cost/not wanted to splurge on herself.

Under no circumstances should you get this for your Mum if she is generally sedentary and is happy with being so. She won’t like it, trust me.

But if this is her thing, she’ll love it. The app makes you super competitive and is filled with useful data about your sleep, steps, heart rate and there’s a vibrating reminder to move every hour. Plus, you can join in with her on challenges and she’ll feel like you’re hanging out. Maybe. Sort of.

2. Guild Jewellery Wonder Woman Necklace, $140

This necklace will remind Mum she’s a Wonder Woman every day. Plus, it’s locally handcrafted so you’re supporting Australian artists.

If Wonder Woman isn’t her thing, Guild Jewellery have other DC Comics character logos on offer with rings and earrings, too.

3. Hayu On-Demand Reality TV Subscription, $5.95 per month

This one is SUPER last minute but hey, if you’re Mum is a reality TV geek combine it with a bunch of flowers from the servo and a bath bomb from Lush and call it the gift of “me time” — she’ll love it.

She’ll be able to watch her favourite reality TV shows on her phone, tablet or laptop wherever she goes.

4. Kate Spade iPhone 6 Plus Wristlet, $139.95

For the Mum that can’t be without her phone, this is the perfect accessory.

Kate Spade is known for fashion-forward designs, so that’ll impress her straight off the bat. Then there’s the fact this is essentially a phone cover that holds everything she’d normally cram into her purse — all in one handy mini-clutch that hangs off her wrist.

5. Just get her a Kindle, from $109

If she doesn’t have one already, a Kindle is a great gift. Combine it with an Amazon gift card and a beautiful new teacup and she’ll have all the reading pleasure she could ever want.

Click on the link above to see just which one is best for your Mum.

6. Nintendo 3DS XL Hyrule Gold Edition, $249

Give Mum a nostalgia hit with this stunning new 3DS. It’s seriously gorgeous, plus it comes with Lego Lord of the Rings. Everyone loves Lego Lord of the Rings.

She’ll not only be able to play games, but also movies on the built-in internet browser. Although the games are probably the highlight here, let’s be real.

7. Escape Room Experience, from $31 per person

When it comes down to it, what your Mum really wants for Mother’s Day is to spend time with you. And what better way to do it than by working together to solve a real life mystery?

You can do it with just the two of you, or the whole family. Then go for lunch or something afterwards. It’ll create memories. That’s better than a dodgy card or box of chocolates.

8. Apple Macbook in Rose Gold, from $1,999

If you’ve got a bit of cash to splash, this will make Mum’s day. Not only is it oh-so pretty, but it packs a punch, too. Apple has just given the MacBook a mid-lifecycle refresh, with Intel’s latest energy-efficient Core M chips and an extra hour of battery life.

We went into more detail here.

9. Dr Who Bluetooth Headphones, $159.95

The perfect gift for the Whovian Mum — she can watch episodes on her laptop or tablet in peace with these bluetooth headphones.

It can be like a “do not disturb” code for Mum-time while she’s wearing them.

10. Sphero BB-8, $229

BB-8 is not only adorable, its smart — bundle this gift with The Force Awakens on blu-ray and he’ll watch along with her.

It can also play games, patrol the whole house and generally keep Mum company. Don’t be surprised if you end up her second favourite.

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