Star Wars: Episode VIII May Include This Amazing Action Scene 

Star Wars: Episode VIII May Include This Amazing Action Scene 

If what you’re about to read is true, you may want to save it for the theatre on 15 December 2017. A source claims to have seen Rian Johnson filming a crucial action scene for Star Wars Episode VIII and it sounds jaw-droppingly cool.

Making Star Wars reports a source of theirs saw several key Star Wars actors filming in Ireland (something we speculated on recently). Again, we are only reporting what someone told the site, but they have been very accurate in the past. So…

Star Wars: Episode VIII May Include This Amazing Action Scene 

Here goes: According to the site, at least seven actors in full black costumes were seen on an Irish hillside, along with Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill. Yes, it’s the Knights of Ren, lead by Kylo Ren, taking on Rey and Luke.

The description is of a scene on a hilltop where the Knights have finally tracked down the Jedi. Kylo challenges Rey, still angered at their last encounter, while the rest of the Knights go after Luke. Rey and Kylo battle on a hillside, in the rain, while Luke makes quick work of the Knights, using both the Force and his green lightsaber from Return of the Jedi. Then he goes after Kylo.

There are many, many more details over on Making Star Wars. Again, if this is true, this scene feels like it would be the climactic battle of the film — but there’s an even bigger spoiler on the site hinting that it could happen earlier in the movie, and why.

How long have we been waiting to see Luke Skywalker, at his full Jedi powers, kicking arse? A long time. Now it may just be a year and a half away.

[Making Star Wars]

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