A 37,000 Litre Fish Tank Seems Like Too Much Work

A 37,000 Litre Fish Tank Seems Like Too Much Work

Video: Any kind of home aquarium takes an inordinate amount of upkeep. Everything needs cleaning and filtering and feeding all the damn time. And fish are nasty little bastards who can’t love you and won’t hesitate to eat each other.

None of that stopped Eli from turning a huge portion of his house into one of the biggest home fish tanks in the world.

His 37,000L installation features a living reef and dozens of rare, tropical fish. In order to keep the reef alive he installed a retractable electric roof in his house above the tank so it can get regular sunlight. The water itself flows down to the floor below through an obtuse series of pumps and some sort of foam-making cyclotron thing. Just to keep these miserable little things alive, he also pours in 1000L of seawater. Every. Single. Week.

The man is nothing if not dedicated.

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