‘Encode Ring’ Lets You Transform Your Voice Into Personalised Jewellery

Unique gifts can be hard to find and if you want to get something truly special, you often have to go down the custom route. But why bother with engraving your partner’s name on a mug, or stencilling your face on the arse of their pants, when you could record your voice and have it encoded into an 18-karat gold ring?

A Japan-based outfit called “Encode Ring” will take a recording and integrate its acoustics into the design of a ring. While you can’t get any precious gems to go with it, it does offer the choice of five metals — platinum, 18k gold, “premium” silver and stainless gold and steel.

The audio can be no longer than three seconds and must be provided via a button on the website. You can easily select your metal choice, as well as the size of the ring, all from the site’s main page.

An FAQ explains that it takes about a month to get the ring ready and that because it’s a “custom-made product”, refunds and cancellations are “generally” not accepted.

It’s a cool idea, for sure, though I’m not sure how economically feasible it is. I guess there are few ongoing costs, given the rings are made-to-order, but it still seems extremely niche.

[Encode Ring, via Geekologie]

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