Watch The Bee Movie Trailer, Except Every Word Is In Alphabetical Order

Video: Here’s a better way to watch the Bee Movie trailer: With all the words in alphabetical order.

What does this new video, made by YouTuber Spinny P, tell us about the secret messages embedded in Jerry Seinfeld’s cult classic? An approximate transcript of the video tells us everything we need to know.

AaaaAaaAaaAAAAAaaaaaa. Barry, Barry, bee, bee, bee, BEE, bee. Big. Blossom. BbbbBbolt booth bothering. Brave. Change. Cute. Creep. Discovering. Dreamworks. Eeee Everything. Explosion. Fall. Fear. Flying. Gonna. Gonna. Got. He’s, he’s, he’s. Hi. Hi. Hi. Humans. Humans. Hhhhhoneyhhhhhhh. Iiiiii. Jerry. Liotta. Little. Llllllll. Misunderstood. Movie. Movie. New. No. No. OK. OooooOo. One. Ooopopplpppppp. Plan. Possibly. Privately. Ray. Reaching? Renée. Secret. Seinfeld. Footpath. Something. Sssss. Sweater. Ttthththththtthtttt. Them. These, these, these. This. This. This. This. Thousands. Trrtrttt. Turtleneck. Unconscious. Wwww. What. Winter. Years. Yes. Youoyoyoyoouoyoyoououu. Zellweger.

And suddenly, everything was illuminated.