Giftmodo: 2016’s Coolest Vinyl Artwork And Slip Covers

We all have a friend who collects vinyl. At first, you may have judged them for their perceived “hipster nonsense”, but I’ll bet you’ve come around. I see you spying on new record players, figuring out how to get started. And that artwork. It’s stunning, and honestly a reason all on its own to invest in the hobby. You know this.

But what better way to avoid having to admit you’ve fallen head first into the retro trap than to gift those awesome looking (and sounding) albums you’ve found online to a loved one? If you need some inspiration, here’s a list of our favourite six released in 2016.

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Star Wars: A New Hope


Even if you already have John Williams’ Star Wars: A New Hope soundtrack, this one is special. It comes on a pair of double-sided picture disc-pressed vinyl records, including a stunning Death Star version with Vader’s visage floating in space on the back.



Ocarina Of Time


This gorgeous artwork is by Ryan Brinkerhoff. There’s a die-cut Ocarina window on the jacket’s front and a gatefold with Light or Dark sides. There’s also a gold foil-stamped triforce on the back – because of course. It’s gorgeousand the music promises to be stunning too – especially recorded by the 64-player Slovak National Symphony Orchestra.

It’ll just be a pre-order you’re securing until the album’s 2017 release, but trust me, it’s still an incredible gift.


Mass Effect


Firstly, it’s the Mass Effect Soundtrack (for all three games), a masterpiece all of its own. But then there’s four fancy discs all encased in a collectible box with original artwork.

The cover is designed by, Hydro74 aka Joshua M. Smith, a designer and contemporary artist of 16 years, known for pushing the boundaries of contemporary art.


Luke Cage


Marvel’s Netflix series Luke Cage has an incredible soundtrack, with spaghetti-western influenced hip-hop beats by Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad. And the artwork for the vinyl release, created by Matthew Woodson, is arguably just as cool. Just look at it.


Monument Valley


Monument Valley is a stunning game – pure elegance in gameplay, music, and of course – artwork. That is reflected in the vinyl release of the soundtrack.

Ustwo’s designers created exclusive new artwork for this release, which as well as cover artwork has gorgeous printed LP sleeves and an eight-page story booklet.


The Force Awakens


Okay, yes, this is the second Star Wars album on the same wishlist, er, gift guide, but hear me out. It has holograms. The Force Awakens soundtrack on vinyl features 3D holograms etched right onto them. You just need to angle it right to see wireframe versions of a TIE Fighter and the Millennium Falcon.

Look, here’s a video to show you how awesome it is.


I’m not going to lie, I want all of these. Can someone forward this list to my Secret Santa?


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