GoPro’s Video Stabilising Karma Grip Is Out In Australia This Month

If you’ve invested in a new GoPro Hero5, chances are you’ve already picked up a bunch of different mounts and accessories. But there’s one more for you to open your wallet for: the Karma Grip, a $460 handheld stabiliser that’ll make your amateur action videos look slightly more pro.

The Karma Grip also forms the heart of the Karma drone — delayed until next year — but if you don’t see yourself flying around and capturing aerial footage any time soon, the Grip is the best way to get clean, clear handheld footage from your GoPro. Using a whole bunch of stabilising gimbals and trickery, it’ll give you shake-free handheld video from your GoPro, and can even be chest-mounted or clipped into any other GoPro mount as well.

It’s more than just a generic selfie stick, too — because it’s made by GoPro, the Karma Grip connects directly to your camera to give you handsfree controls on the grip itself, as well as charging and video storage access, so you shouldn’t ever have to take your Hero5 Black out of its self-stabilising cradle.

There’s only one problem: it’s kinda pricy. The Karma Grip will cost $459.95 in Australia when it’s out on December 18 in stores and at, which is the same as a Hero5 Session and a fair way towards the price of a $569.95 Hero5 Black. But if you film a lot of handheld video, it’s probably worth it. [GoPro]



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