I’m Not Sure Who Won This Octopus Vs Eel Vs Human Fight

I’m Not Sure Who Won This Octopus Vs Eel Vs Human Fight

Video: Hot damn. A snorkeler in Hawaii stumbled on this underwater scrap between an octopus and a terrifying moray eel and it looks like it’s going to be a tangled fight to death. The moray eel seems to have the clear advantage because, well, it’s a big arse bully with the octopus in its jaws. But after a few whips around, the octopus grapples the eel with its tentacles and unleashes an ink bomb in time to confuse it and escape. Phew.

It isn’t exactly a victory for the octopus because it loses a tentacle (which it can admittedly grow back later), but it isn’t really a win for the eel either because it got itself a tasty snack. But the murderous eel isn’t happy with just a tie so it looks for something else to fight: The snorkelling cameraman.

The moray eel starts charging at the cameraman and rams its open mouth and frightening teeth at the guy until the dude just makes a break for it. I think if the snorkeler was any slower, things would be a lot worse for everyone involved.

So who wins? The octopus without a tentacle, the super aggro eel who picks a fight with everything or the snorkeler who will have nightmares for the rest of his life?

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