On The Toilet, On Your Phone: Where You’ll Spend 3 Months Of Your Life

30 minutes a week, 26 hours a year – that’s how long the average adult spend on the toilet using their smartphone.

The survey which revealed these results compared the social media, selfie and mobile gaming habits of 2000 adults – reminding me that in some things, I am truly above average.

If you’re between 18 and 34, the amount of average toilet/phone time more than doubles – and there’s no gender disparity either.

60 hours a year are spent looking at a smartphone first thing in the morning or last thing at night, and again this rises for the 18-34 age bracket to 106 hours a year, or two hours a week.

But what exactly are we looking at? Porn, obviously.

The average adult spent over 22 hours a year looking at “adult websites”, with men clocking in 32 hours and women falling behind on 16.

18-34 year olds are spending 53 hours a year reading celebrity news, on top of 54 hours a year (five months of your adult life) taking selfies or just looking at our faces in the camera.

24 hours a year is spent checking out what our friends are up to on social media, and the equivalent of an entire working week per year is spent just scrolling through our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds.

Mobiles gaming clocks in at an average of 80 minutes a week, with 18-34 year olds spending four and a half days of the year playing games on our smartphones.

80 per cent of us have smartphones, and we look at them an average of 85 times a day.

All I can think while reading all of this is: oh boy I’m so far above average on this.

[Project M]