New Details May Reveal The Main Cast Of Marvel’s Inhumans TV Series

New Details May Reveal The Main Cast Of Marvel’s Inhumans TV Series

Michael Keaton talks about the ambiguity of his Spider-Man: Homecoming villain. Has Gotham cast another major DC comics character? There’s already rumours about the name of the next main X-Men movie. Don’t expect new X-Files episodes for a good long while. Plus, new footage from The 100 and Transformers: The Last Knight. Spoilers now!

New Details May Reveal The Main Cast Of Marvel’s Inhumans TV Series

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Michael Keaton briefly touches upon the duality of his take on The Vulture for the film:

Yeah, Vulture, recently. But not to give too much away, but interestingly, he is and he isn’t [a villain], that character. He’s a really interesting — and more interesting than I thought — villain because there’s parts of him that you go, “You know what? I might see his point.” Really, really. It makes it interesting to play.


Tomb Raider

Daniel Wu has joined the cast as Lu Ren, a captain who works with Lara on her quest to find her father. [Variety]


Tom Hanks is apparently in talks alongside Will Smith, and is being offered the villainous role in the film, which we’re still guessing will be the Ringmaster unless they’re creating an entirely new story for the film. [Variety]

X-Men: Supernova

According to unnamed sources speaking to Spoiler TV, Supernova is apparently the subtitle of the next X-Men film, and is set to begin filming in May of this year. Take this with a pinch of salt for now, however. [SpoilerTV]

Deadpool 2

Rhett Reese discusses the progress on the script:

Yeah, it will be a solo movie. It will be populated with a lot of characters, but it is still Deadpool’s movie, this next one. We’re pushing forward very hard. I think by every account we will shoot it this year, and we’re on our multiple draft now. It’s taken different twists and turns, but it’s really coalescing, and we’re very, very excited. We’re a little nervous, because now we feel like we have to live up to the first movie, but at the same time, we have to have faith, and we have an extreme passion still, and as long as we have passion still, and it’s not a mercenary, venal play, which we don’t think this is, I think we’ll be in good shape.


Captive State

A synopsis for Rupert Wyatt’s mysterious sci-fi film has been released:

Captive State is a sci-fi thriller set in a Chicago neighbourhood nearly a decade after it has been occupied by an extraterrestrial force. Captive State uses a grounded sci-fi setting to shine light on the modern surveillance state and the threats to civil liberties and the role of dissent within an authoritarian society.


Transformers: The Last Knight

Here’s another TV spot for the film.

Beauty & the Beast

Ariana Grande and John Legend will be performing the classic theme song as a duet on the film’s soundtrack — presumably, their rendition will also play during the end credits. [Coming Soon]

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The Hive awakens in a new clip from the film.

The Inhumans

The Hashtag Show claims to have breakdowns for the main cast of the show, albeit they’re being cast under pseudonyms rather than by their actual comic book names. Many of the characters appear to be for major members of the Inhuman royal family though, judging by the descriptions:

  • Broderick — Male, 30-40, Caucasian. Can say volumes with just a look. Strong thoughtful and private, he’s unaccustomed to being questioned or feeling a need to answer to anyone, to an extent can verge on arrogance.
  • Marjorie — Female, 30-40, Caucasian. An elegant and intelligent advisor to her husband, she struggles to find her place outside of their relationship, as others tend to view her as just a pretty face. Strong and resourceful, she’s not afraid to break the rules when the situation demands it.
  • Marty — Male, 30-40, Caucasian. Broderick’s younger brother; he is intelligent, charming and articulate. He comes across as a man of the people but secretly covets power.
  • Kevin — Male, 30-40, Open. Slight of build, his mind is his greatest asset. Always prepared with a plan, his outlook on life is the glass is always half-empty and often cracked and dirty as well. Though his outlook can be grim he has a droll, dry sense of humour.
  • Grady — Male, 25-35, Open. Impetuous and brash, he has serious impulse control issues which frequently get him into trouble, whether it’s women, booze or fighting. He loves life and lives in the moment, for better or worse.
  • Christine — Female, 18-25 to play 18, Caucasian. Soulful but still learning the ways of the world, she has the arrogance of youth. Impetuous and independent, she is also deeply devoted to her family.
  • Timothy — Male, 25-35, Open, SFXMU required. Supremely athletic. The ultimate picture of cool. He’s calm under pressure and willing to do anything to get the job done.

Speculate away in the comments below!


Deadline reports the Raymond J. Barry has joined the cast as a Temple Shaman, who apparently comes into Bruce Wayne’s life “with the stated intention of unlocking the potential of his own mind. While the Shaman says the fate of Gotham depends upon Bruce becoming the man the city needs him to become, the truth behind his intentions proves to be far more sinister.” Nerdist speculates that the description sounds a lot like it could be the show’s take on Ra’s Al Ghul, with a relationship between the young Bruce and this Ra’s similar to the one seen in Batman Begins. However, this is all simply speculation for now rather than an actual confirmation of the Shaman’s identity on the show.

Also, here’s a synopsis for 3×14, “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies”.

With Jerome (guest star Cameron Monaghan) on the loose with one target in mind, Bruce and Alfred’s safety is compromised. Meanwhile, Gordon’s uncle Frank (guest star James Remar) pays him a visit, and Nygma and Penguin are forced to confront their issues face-to-face, with possible deadly consequences.

[Spoiler TV]

Game of Thrones

Freddie Stroma has confirmed that he will not be returning as Sam’s hilariously-named brother, Dickon Tarly, in the next season. [EW]

John Ridley’s Untitled Marvel Project

ABC entertainment division head Channing Dungey has an update on the long-in-gestation project:

Yeah, so John is working on a rewrite of that script for Marvel at the moment. We have not seen a new version of it. He’s been on production of his show, over in London, and on Season 3 of American Crime, so those are the things that have been top of mind for him of late. But I have heard from Marvel that he is working on a revision to that script.


The X-Files

Fox Entertainment president David Madden told press at the TCA Winter preview that he had hoped to be able to announce something concrete about the return of the show. However, speaking to Indiewire after the fact, he confirmed that due to a delay settling on a deal with the lead talent and producer Chris Carter, it’s unlikely that the show will return until late next year or 2019:

My expectation is we will not have something next season. It could be Fall 2018 or [Winter] 2019. It isn’t impossible that it couldn’t turn around and happen next year, but the clock is getting pretty tight. There’s no negativity, there’s no issues, I think they’d all like to do it. But it isn’t an easy decision for them. We remain as supportive as we can be trying to help them make it work. But right now it doesn’t feel like, ‘oh shoot, we missed by a couple of days with an announcement.’

Wayward Pines

Meanwhile, Fox chairman Gary Newman offers a reassurance that the show is not cancelled, but it will miss out on a summer return (winter in Australia).

Wayward is not cancelled, but it will not be on this summer. Wayward didn’t come together quickly enough for us to have it this summer. There have been discussions about casting. We’re still talking about it, it’s possible you’ll see Wayward at some point back on FOX. But we are focusing a little bit more heavily on unscripted this summer.

[Buddy TV]


Newman also had an update on the untitled X-Men TV project from Matt Nix:

We’re deep into development on that. We’re expecting a script shortly. The materials we’ve seen so far have been very, very promising. Development across the board this year is a little slower than usual, so we’re not, unfortunately, ready to make an announcement about it, but we’re very encouraged.

[KSite TV]

Nix himself also told IGN about how the show will approach using familiar characters from the X-universe:

Question: Are you using characters from the X-Men universe?

Nix: Some. Again, without getting into specifics, it’s sort of designed to sidestep questions like, “Where is Wolverine?” You sort of have to answer those questions. I didn’t want to do anything like, “Wolverine is just off screen!” It exists in a world where those questions are answered without needing to name a lot of names or spend a lot of time dwelling on those issues.

Within that, there is certainly a certain amount of those characters that I can use and I’m using some of those. Other characters I’m inventing but everything is invented with a nod to the existing mythology, if that makes sense. How should I put it? Again, it’s so weird to dance around these specifics. When I was pitching the show, I pitched some characters that appeared nowhere in the mythology but the guys from Marvel, when I started describing them, all gave each other knowing nods, where it was like, “Oh, I see what he’s doing, yes.” I tried to do a lot of that. I didn’t want to get into the realm of like too much like, “New X-Men here we go!”, and at the same time, with something like this, there’s a little bit of fan service but it’s also… You don’t want to sound douchey saying something like this, but I’ve been really impressed with how a lot of people have talked about joining the Star Wars franchise and how when you do that, there’s a sense of respect. You don’t want to be slavishly doing the same thing over and over again that everybody else has done, but at the same time, you’re conscious of, “This is important. I owe something to my ten year old self right now. I need to respect that.” I need for that kid who is obsessively reading comic books, I need there to be something rewarding for him where he’s like, I didn’t waste my time. I know what this is.


Chloe’s life hangs in the balance in a new synopsis for “A Good Day to Die”.

Lucifer must find the antidote to the Professor’s poison before it kills Chloe. He travels to hell to find the Professor’s soul and get him to turn over the antidote. While he’s there, he is forced to confront his guilt about Uriel’s death. Mum heads to hell to get Lucifer back, but Lucifer still feels betrayed by his parents because of something he discovers.

[Spoiler TV]

Sleepy Hollow

Malcolm Dreyfuss’ origin is teased in a new synopsis for “Blood From a Stone”.

As Dreyfuss gets closer to making progress on his mission, important parts of his past come to light. His former partner returns to settle the score from years before and it becomes evident that Dreyfuss’ involvement in the supernatural is not something new. Don’t miss learning how Malcolm Dreyfuss came to be.

[Spoiler TV]

The 100

Finally, everyone prepares for the end of the world (seemingly by trying to kill each other all the time) in a new trailer for the next season.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson. Banner design by Jim Cooke.

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