You Can Now Drive From Melbourne To Brisbane For Free (In A Tesla, At Least)

Spent $100,000 (at least) on your Tesla Model S? Good. Because you can now drive it all the way from Melbourne to Brisbane, and back, without spending a cent more.

An email to Tesla customers yesterday announced that the east coast corridor between Melbourne and Brisbane — 1600km of distance between 10 Supercharger stations, spaced between 150km and 250km apart — is officially open, with the three final stations in northern New South Wales opened over the past month.

You can only plot a stop with 10 waypoints on it using Google Maps, which will get you from Richmond in Melbourne all the way to the northernmost Supercharger in Knockrow in New South Wales. The final leg of the journey is another 180km hop from there to the centre of Brisbane, where you’ll have a few kilometres of city driving to spare before Or, you could charge overnight in one of the many destination chargers scattered around Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

This is all assuming, by the way, that you bought your Tesla while it still included lifetime free Supercharger access. Any Tesla ordered from January 1 this year onwards has 400kWh — around 1600km — of free Supercharger credits included.

A station currently being built in Wendouree near Ballarat will connect Melbourne and Adelaide.

It’s also a great reason to stop off and visit the Big Banana along your journey. [Tesla]

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