Telstra Will Make Its NBN Speeds Public (Because NBN Won’t)

Telstra has revealed it will publish stats on how fast NBN connections will be, in the absence of such information from the NBN organisation itself. At the moment there is no way consumers can find out what type of NBN technology will be used or what sort of speed to expect through the national broadband network at their home or business.

Late last year the NBN removed specific information about technology type from its address finder page.

Now Telstra has stepped up to the mark, with reporting that the telco would, in April, start publishing data on average NBN performance during peak periods. By the middle of the year, expected speed for each household will be published based on the type of NBN technology and geography.

“Not all experiences are the same, not all NBN services are the same,” Telstra chief executive Andy Penn told News Corp.

“The industry should be publishing the speeds that they are delivering across the various technologies and we’ll be absolutely preparing ourselves to be able to do that. What’s critical is that the industry comes along on that journey so there’s no game-playing.”

The NBN comes in a variety of technologies, with each varying considerably in end performance. The fastest, fibre-to-the-premises, was planned to be rolled out almost universally by the previous Labor government but was later scrapped by the coalition due to cost. Many homes are now set to receive the slower fibre-to-the-node, fibre-to-the-kerb, hybrid fibre coax or satellite.

Once the NBN arrives in an area, home and business owners have an 18-month grace period to switch to it before the old copper lines are disconnected.

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This article originally appeared on Business Insider

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