The Bob Ross Of Glow-in-the-Dark Drawing

The Bob Ross Of Glow-in-the-Dark Drawing

It appears semi-intentional and a little silly but YouTuber Peter Draws is making a solid attempt at channeling Bob Ross’ meditative tone coupled with slightly odd commentary. And it’s some soothing stuff.

Looking over Peter’s channel, it appears that he likes to switch up his tools and this is his first entry with glow-in-the-dark ink but hopefully it’s not his last. It’s a well-produced clip that starts out with taking advantage of the cosmic effects that the ink has when you drop it in water. “Each drop of glowy ink, upon hitting the water and diffusing makes the jar a little bit brighter.” he intones. “Maybe looking at things and getting little drops of inspiration works the same way.” Then he goes in for the Rossian leap:

“Maybe my brain jar will get so bright one day that it will just explode or none of the drops will make a difference anymore. Who knows? I don’t know how it works. I haven’t tried adding many drops yet.”

He proceeds to, maybe, lay it on a little thick with an anecdote about almond milk and drippling-dropping of ink on paper. But hey, there’s no judgement in the Ross Zone.

Peter proceeds to draw us a fine dragon while delivering some tips on technique mixed with a small dose of wisdom. There are no happy trees but the biggest recommendation I’d give this burgeoning caster is to just let it flow. Slow down the drawing, let it take shape gradually before our eyes. And don’t give up on the glowing ink.

[Peter Draws]

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