One Of The 2017 Ford GT’s First Owners Shows Us How It Really Is

One Of The 2017 Ford GT’s First Owners Shows Us How It Really Is

Much haterade has been spilled about the new Ford GT. It should have had a V8! The application process was insane! It doesn’t have enough horsepower! Enough is enough: one man who was lucky enough buy a new GT is here to say just drive the car first, because it’s one of the best cars he’s ever driven.

GIF via Andy Frisella

Andy Frisella takes us through his whole story: how he fell in love with supercars, and even why he thinks Ford made the right call on vetting potential new GT owners’ social media presence and intentions for the car.

He jumped through all of Ford’s hoops, making an application video with his existing Ford GTs mentioning his MFCEO Project podcast and his involvement with the goldRush Rally.

His advice if you’re looking for to score one of the next cars allocated in the same way? Follow the directions for the application to the letter, and don’t be afraid to be yourself in that application video. Don’t just beg for a car, but show who you are and how you’d use the car.

Frisella is a big Lambo fan, but says the new Ford GT is on par with — if not better than — his beloved Italian supercars. The GT is truly a race car adapted for road use, with everything built around the singular purpose of going fast. The interior is impressively driver-focused, and Ford even took time to explain all the controls when Frisella got the car. Even the sound from that controversial V6 engine is better than he thought it would be.

“It feels like a million-dollar car,” Frisella says. You know, as opposed to an upmarket Fusion or Explorer.

The only drawbacks? Getting in and out as a 6’1″ guy is tough, as is driving with a boner. Yes, Frisella’s ultra-detailed review even goes into the car’s effects on your crotch. It’s just so awkward to drive if you’ve got a big ol’ car stiffy, y’know?

“Every single person who drives this car is going to have a boner,” Frisella says. “Even if you’re a female.”

I’m not sure giant steering-wheel-interfering she-boners are a real thing. But if a car is so good, the owner suggests boner-compression underpants for all, it has to be amazing.

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