Trump Mind-Melds With The Saudis Over Glowing Orb

Trump Mind-Melds With The Saudis Over Glowing Orb

Capping off his trip to Saudi Arabia, President Donald Trump completed his process of fully assimilating to the Saudi’s political outlook and goals by laying hands on the magical orb that cleanses all sense of self from anyone who touches it.

Screenshot: Washington Post

Trump’s visit to the Kingdom has been marked by his sudden reversal of his previously stated positions and an uncharacteristic ability to keep his mouth shut. His wife and daughter elected to forego the traditional hijabs worn by women, and that’s totally reasonable. But Trump has previously tweeted that when Michelle Obama did it, it was insulting. He also bowed and curtsied in front of the Saudi king. He gave Obama a lot of shit for just bowing, but Trump decided to take it up a notch.

He’s repeatedly said we should demand the Saudis give us free oil and pay up for our protection. But just before his trip to the region, he had his son-in-law negotiate a big discount from Lockheed Martin in an arms deal worth more than $US100 ($134) billion. He said “Crooked Hillary” should return a $US25 ($33) million donation to her foundation from the Saudis, but accepted a $US100 ($134) million donation to his daughter’s foundation from the very same donors. He made it through an entire speech about Islam without saying “radical Islamic terrorism,” a phrase that he likes to just say when discussing any topic under the sun.

And as this journey comes to an end, he visited the new Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology to view presentations on cyberwarfare efforts to fight terrorism and place his hands on the glowing orb.

Outside of the potentially illegal arms deal, this sedated-looking Trump seemed to be doing a lot of things right. And as the laying of hands on the orb completed the mind-meld process, the transformation was complete. Donald Trump the Globalist had been born.

(Seriously, it’s not embeddable, but watch the video of this dystopian cyber conference.)

[Washington Post]

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