In PUBG, Sound Is So Important

The phenomenon that is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds knows no bounds. When I’m home, I play PUBG. When I’m at work, I watch YouTube videos about PUBG. The most recent little gem I’ve stumbled on is a phenomenally detailed guide to sound in the online multiplayer competitive Battle Royale-style shooter, and it’s so useful. If you play the game, you need to watch this.

You can only hear a parachute furling as a teammate or enemy combatant hits the ground in the initial minutes of the games from a mere two metres away, for example — which means you’ll basically never hear it. If you do, go find them and punch on. If you hear someone picking up items, they’re within 10 metres of you — which means you could hide outside the window of a house and wait a few seconds to listen in on whether it’s actively being looted.

The biggest bit of useful info in this video, though, is the audible ranges of sprinting, walking and crouch running. If you’re sprinting, you’ll be heard from 40 metres — a huge boost over the 20-ish metres that crouch sprinting or crouch running. That could be the difference between life and death in game. In case you want a visual representation, it’s repeated below. [YouTube]

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