Is Warner Bros. Really Considering A Live-Action Adaptation Of Superman: Red Son?

Is Warner Bros. Really Considering A Live-Action Adaptation Of Superman: Red Son?

Kevin Feige still has hope for Blade’s return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Stephen Amell wants a more socially-minded Oliver Queen on Arrow. Plus, one familiar face will not return to American Horror Story next season, and new pictures from the Doctor Who season finale. Spoilers, assemble!

Is Warner Bros. Really Considering A Live-Action Adaptation Of Superman: Red Son?

Superman: Red Son

Den of Geek reports that Warner Bros. is allegedly attempting to woo directors to the DCEU with the chance to direct an adaptation of Mark Millar, Dave Johnson and Kilian Plunkett’s iconic miniseries Red Son, an “Elseworlds” tale that images a world where Kal-El’s pod crashlanded in Ukraine rather than Kansas, leading to him being raised under the Soviet Union.

The news spiralled out of a Twitter conversation between Millar and Skull Island‘s Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who stated to the Red Son writer that he’d pitched a Red Son film to Warner Bros., only for Millar to respond that he’d heard the studio had approached at least another two directors recently, offering a live-action adaptation of the story as a project:

While Den of Geek’s anonymous sources stated that a Red Son adaptation is in the works, when contacted by the site for clarification, Millar seemingly backed off a touch from his earlier tweet:

Is this something they’re genuinely planning? I have no idea. I’ve got pals at Warner Bros but never discussed it with them. I think they’re just going through their back catalogue of big books and hoping to lure in good directors as opposed to any particular interest in developing Red Son.

There’s always 50 conversations for every comic book movie that gets made and as far as I know this is something that is very much just at conversation stage.

So make of all this what you will.

Fahrenheit 451

Laura Harrier has joined the cast as Millie (Mildred in the novel), “Montog’s social media immersed wife whose current consumption of all things digital results in a disconnected marriage.” [Black Film]


Kevin Feige told JoBlo that Blade could still return to the MCU… someday.

We think it would be cool. Someday. My tenure at Marvel started 17 years ago, and there were two things that sort of launched the modern era. One was X-Men, which was the first thing that people said, “Oh, there’s life here.” But a few years before that, there was Blade. A character nobody had heard of at all, had only appeared in a few issues of Tomb of Dracula or something, turned into a big franchise. That was always a great lesson for me, where you go, “It doesn’t matter how well known the character is, it matters how cool the movie is.” Which, many years later, would be the reason we do Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange. I think Blade is a legacy character now, and I think it would be fun to do something with him one day.

The Predator

Jake Busey has revealed he’s playing the biological son of his father’s character, Peter Keyes, from Predator 2.

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2

In an interview with Collider, Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal confirmed director Jon Watts would be asked back for the sequel.

KEVIN FEIGE: Certainly that’s the intention for sure.

AMY PASCAL: He knocked it out of the park. We would be crazy [not to]. He did a wonderful job and the whole atmosphere of the movie, all the things that people like about it are the things he brought to it. He’s really special.

Watts also told Screen Rant he’s considering Black Widow or Captain America for Peter’s next requisite Avengers team-up:

I like to think of what he could learn from Black Widow, but then I think he would be too nervous to even get a single word out. If he was around her, that would be really funny. Yeah, seeing Spider-Man and Captain America together, not fighting each other, I think would be fascinating. There are great moments between the two of them in the comics and to see what that would be like in this world would be pretty cool.

Avengers: Infinity War

In this set video, Doctor Strange casts forth a mo-cap Bruce Banner as if he were a Pokemon.

Meanwhile, more pictures from filming are available at Variety.

Deadpool 2

Speaking with Screen Rant, T.J. Miller discussed his subplot with Karan Soni’s character, Dopinder, which may not make the final cut of the movie.

We’re shooting in August and September and it’s going to be even more Weaselicious. … The cab driver, Karan Soni, and Weasel have a pretty funny storyline, which I’m not positive is going to be in [the movie], but they were talking about it and it was really making me laugh. And I like him, I did Office Christmas Party with him, and he’s very funny, very quick and so — because we didn’t cross paths in the original film. … So y’know [fans can expect] stuff like that. I think they’re really building out the world and deciding kind of what’s next.

Meanwhile, Deadpool crashes a child’s birthday party in these recent set photos.

Black Panther

Here’s a new banner for the film, being put up in San Diego ahead of Comic-Con in a few weeks. Oh god, Comic-Con is in a few weeks!

Atomic Blonde

In the latest clip, Charlize Theron beats up James MacAvoy inside a moving vehicle.


Here’s a new featurette for the film.

Voice From the Stone

The latest trailer for Emilia Clarke’s supernatural thriller has bled from the walls of its reality and into our own.


Kevin Bacon has confirmed the reboot he’s attached to is moving forward at Syfy.

It’s the only character I’ve ever played that I was interested in exploring 25 years later. It (Tremors) is a really good movie.

I don’t go back and watch my movies but because we were doing this one, I had to go back and look at it. It’s just the idea of this loser who is living a very ordinary life and has an extraordinary experience with these monsters and becomes, for a moment, a hero.

[Screen Daily]

The X-Files

Chris Carter has finalised the writer’s room of season 11. The roster includes Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, James Wong, Gabe Rotter, Benjamin Van Allen and Brad Follmer. [TV Guide]

Castle Rock

Jane Levy and Sissy Spacek have joined the cast of the Stephen King anthology series as Jackie, “death-obsessed, self-appointed historian of Castle Rock”, and Ruth Deaver, “a retired professor whose fading memories may hold a key to Castle Rock’s unsettling past”, respectively.[Coming Soon]


Archie Comics shared a number of set pics on Twitter, including this confirmation that Molly Ringwald is indeed returning for season two. Head over to the official Twitter account to see more.

Black Lightning

The cast of Black Lightning chats to DC Entertainment about the show.

American Horror Story

Lady Gaga will not appear in season seven, according to Entertainment Weekly, contrary to previous rumours of her return.

Ryan Murphy also shared concept art of one of the season’s new ghouls.

Star Trek: Discovery

Showrunner Gretchen J. Berg told Entertainment Weekly about Michael Burnham’s past, and how she finds herself moving on from the USS Shenzhou to become the First Office of the Discovery in the opening arc of the show:

Burnham [has] spent a lot of time on Vulcan, but she’s human. Sarek [Spock’s father, played by James Frain] plays an important role in her life, which has been completely planned until she makes a very difficult choice that sends her life on a very different path. When we meet her, she’s the First Officer on the Starship Shenzhou [captained by Philippa Georgiou, played by Michelle Yeoh]. And Burnham’s choice that we’re alluding to is most difficult choice you can make — it affects her, affects Starfleet, affects the Federation, it affects the entire universe. That choice leads her to a different ship, the Discovery [helmed by Captain Lorca, played by Jason Isaacs] and there we begin what Gretchen and I call our ‘second pilot.’

The joy is in the journey. The advantage to her not being in charge of the bridge right now is we get to tell stories from a very different point of view. It’s a fresh feeling because we’re not on the bridge all the time. We get access to more parts of the ship.


During a panel at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Portland, Stephen Amell said he’d like to see a more humorous, socially conscious Oliver Queen going forward — something we agree with!

I’ve said that it’s very, very important that if Oliver doesn’t take away lessons from season five and doesn’t keep doing the things that have led to this catastrophic event, the character stops being interesting to me. So I hope that part of that, in season six and if we have seasons beyond that, I hope that part of that is we get back to a lot of the tenets that people recognise from the comics. And that of course is humour and a socially conscious, slightly liberal superhero.

[Cinema Blend]


Yahoo has a new poster, officially confirming the series’ TV debut on September 29 in the US.

Is Warner Bros. Really Considering A Live-Action Adaptation Of Superman: Red Son?

Doctor Who

Finally, Peter Capaldi does an awful lot of standing in pictures from the season finale, “The Doctor Falls”. Head to the link to see more. [Doctor Who News]

Is Warner Bros. Really Considering A Live-Action Adaptation Of Superman: Red Son?
Is Warner Bros. Really Considering A Live-Action Adaptation Of Superman: Red Son?
Is Warner Bros. Really Considering A Live-Action Adaptation Of Superman: Red Son?
Is Warner Bros. Really Considering A Live-Action Adaptation Of Superman: Red Son?
Is Warner Bros. Really Considering A Live-Action Adaptation Of Superman: Red Son?

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