Bose’s SoundSport Free Could Be The Best Wireless Earbuds Yet

Bose’s SoundSport Free Could Be The Best Wireless Earbuds Yet

Everyone’s got a bit of AirPod fever, it seems. In the wake of Apple’s announcement of its tiny wire-free rechargeable earbuds, every man and his dog has introduced some kind of wireless earphones. Bose’s first look like they could well be the pick of the litter, too — in part due to a new antenna setup for reliable Bluetooth, a common complaint with these tiny earbuds.

Bose has built a reputation for being very good with getting great sound out of small speakers, and the SoundSport Free hopefully continues that tradition. They certainly tick all the other boxes I’ve been looking for in a good set of wireless earbuds: great battery life, supposedly good wireless performance, and more.

Bose says the SoundSport Free weighs barely 10g, but told The Verge that they’d work with devices up to 3 metres away. Considering most wireless earbuds struggle when you’ve got your phone tucked into your waistband or in a pocket while exercising, this is a revelation. Bose’s new Bluetooth antenna setup looks like it has the goods, at least on paper.

Five hours’ battery life from the headphones is Bose’s claim, making the SoundSport Free probably the most long-lived wireless ‘buds for their size class; the new Jabra Elite Sport claim 4.5 hours and Apple’s AirPods claim five too. As with most (or all) other wireless earbuds, there’s a magnetic charging and carry case that promises two full extra charges for the headphones for an additional 10 hours’ listening time.

I’ve checked in with Bose to see if the company plans to bring the SoundSport Free to Australia, and how much they’ll cost; I’ll let you know if I hear anything back. In the US, they’ll be $US249.95, a hefty jump over the AirPods’ $US159. [Bose]


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